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Friendly, mature male voice that is:

  • Mellow
  • Smooth
  • Warm
  • Sexy
  • Professional
  • Authoritative
  • Free of accents

Voice quality is especially well suited for: training and informational presentations, or for an intelligent and knowledgeable spokesperson in commercials. Tone can be fatherly and caring, or fun and upbeat.

Listen to a few examples:


Training & Narration




Greetings, and thank you for visiting my web site. Click on the sample audio tracks above for a quick taste of my vocal sounds that demonstrate: commercials, training and narration, and audiobooks. Or, click on the Listen tab to hear more, extended versions. My voice talent skills are accentuated from my years of performing on-stage as a musician and singer. My education and career in the field of engineering and technical training provides me with the skills to express complex technical terms and topics to an audience in a way that is both exciting and understandable. My home studio allows me to turn a job quickly and is well equipped to provide high quality voice recordings. Click on the About tab to learn more about my background and capabilities. Be sure to drop by often as the content changes. Thanks again and I look forward to providing my services for your next project.

- Michael